No: computers can't understand images [5b]
Computers can't think because they can't use images in the way that people do. Computers can only deal with formal symbolic information.

Robert Horn Map 5b: Can Computers Think In Images?
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The questions explored on Map 5b – Can computers think in images? are:

  • Can images be realistically represented in computer arrays?
  • Can computers represent the analogue properties of images?
  • Can computers recognize Gestalts?
  • Are images less fundamental than propositions?
  • Is image psychology a valid approach to mental processing?
  • Are images quasi-pictorial representations?
  • Other imagery arguments


Note: 'Image'  in these arguments usually refers to an "eye-closed" image, which is imagined in one's mind without the real object necessarily being present. Sometimes, the term is also used to describe an "eyes-open" perception.
Artificial Intelligence »Artificial Intelligence
Can computers think? [1] »Can computers think? [1]
No: computers can't understand images [5b]
Can’t recognise similarities between whole images »Can’t recognise similarities between whole images
Gestalt recognition is impossible for computers »Gestalt recognition is impossible for computers
Need images to be transformed into descriptions »Need images to be transformed into descriptions
Computers can’t represent analogue properties »Computers can’t represent analogue properties
Images are secondary to propositions »Images are secondary to propositions
Images represented by filled cells in an array »Images represented by filled cells in an array
Implementable in functional system »Implementable in functional system
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