1. Water Security
There is no simple route to attaining water security in the future. However it is clear that those involved in developing solutions must have a good grasp of the complexities, different roles and intricate feedback mechanisms involved in the global water system.

Water is the common thread that links all aspects of human development. Water security is therefore vital  to all social and economic sectors as well as the natural resource base on which the world depends. But an  expanding population, growing economies and poor water management are putting unprecedented pressure on our freshwater resources.

We simply cannot continue to use water as wastefully as we have in the past;  we have to change the way we manage our water resources. scientists and policy makers have a joint  responsibility to work together in the development of more sustainable solutions to existing and emerging  water problems. this policy brief aims to highlight the integrated and coordinated nature of the response needed to fully incorporate water into the new green economies of the world.

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1. Water Security
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