Exemplars allow us to benefit from other people's experience, or from our own. Here we keep track of projects that are on our radar.
Knowledge Federation Domain Map »Knowledge Federation Domain Map
Gapminder »Gapminder
Azimuth Project »Azimuth Project
B Corporation »B Corporation
Big Picture Small World »Big Picture Small World
Euclid Network »Euclid Network
FuturICT »FuturICT
Global Sensemaking »Global Sensemaking
INSITE Project »INSITE Project
Institute for the 21st Century Agoras »Institute for the 21st Century Agoras
International Association for Public Participation »International Association for Public Participation
Laboratories for Societal Innovation »Laboratories for Societal Innovation
Learning Change »Learning Change
Lovers of Democracy »Lovers of Democracy
Nieman Journalism Lab »Nieman Journalism Lab
NTEN - Nonprofit Technology Network »NTEN - Nonprofit Technology Network
Open Culture »Open Culture
Open News »Open News
Open Notebook Science Network »Open Notebook Science Network
ProPublica »ProPublica
Purpose »Purpose
Social Media Research Foundation »Social Media Research Foundation
The Co-Intelligence Institute »The Co-Intelligence Institute
Transformap »Transformap
Y Worlds Institute »Y Worlds Institute
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