Tools enable us to work differently. What are [collaborative] tools which you think people would like to use, or which they currently use for solving complex problems
Relevant tools to facilitate solutions to 'wicked problems', explain their similarities and differences, in what way they facilitate the solutions to complex issues, and in what ways they might still fail to do so.
Knowledge Federation Domain Map »Knowledge Federation Domain Map
10 web tools for innovative politics »10 web tools for innovative politics
AGORA-net »AGORA-net
AXON Idea Processor »AXON Idea Processor
BaseCamp »BaseCamp
bCisive »bCisive
Big Blue Button »Big Blue Button
C-Link »C-Link
CmapTools »CmapTools
Cohere »Cohere »
Compendium »Compendium
DebateGraph »DebateGraph
Dipity »Dipity
Doodle »Doodle
Evidence Hub »Evidence Hub
Federated Wiki »Federated Wiki
Google + »Google +
google docs »google docs
Groupspaces »Groupspaces
IBISLift online dialogue mapping platform »IBISLift online dialogue mapping platform
Induct  »Induct
Innocentive »Innocentive
Insight Maker »Insight Maker
Kickstarter »Kickstarter
Knowledge Atlas »Knowledge Atlas
Koios »Koios
Kumu »Kumu
Loomio »Loomio
Mendeley »Mendeley
Metamaps »Metamaps
Ning »Ning
Popcorn Maker »Popcorn Maker
Substance  »Substance
Survey Monkey »Survey Monkey
The Brain »The Brain
The Point »The Point
TogetherJS »TogetherJS
TQPortal »TQPortal
Truthmapping »Truthmapping
WAVE Platform »WAVE Platform
Webbles »Webbles
Wikia »Wikia
World Outline »World Outline
Xiki »Xiki
Yahoo groups »Yahoo groups
Zapier »Zapier
Zotero »Zotero
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