What are the challenges faced in the pursuit of transparency and openness in Government?
Transparency and Openness »Transparency and Openness
How to address the challenges? »How to address the challenges?
Affects many political interests »Affects many political interests
Data privacy and confidentiality »Data privacy and confidentiality
Inclusiveness of online tools »Inclusiveness of online tools
Large investments involved »Large investments involved
New responsibilities need to be resourced »New responsibilities need to be resourced
New skills need to be learnt »New skills need to be learnt
Politicians may prefer not to make their actions transparent »Politicians may prefer not to make their actions transparent
ROI difficult to quantify »ROI difficult to quantify
Transparency itself isn't the public good »Transparency itself isn't the public good
Unfamiliar expectations »Unfamiliar expectations
White House Open Government Brainstorming »White House Open Government Brainstorming
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