Responsibiltiy to prevent applies across all sectors
There was general agreement that all sectors - private companies and individuals as well as governments and law enforcement agencies – have responsibilities in preventing cyber crime.

Delegates in the room and those commenting online all thought government and industry had a shared responsibility to do more to prevent cyber crime, in industry’s case for example through more secure devices, systems and services. Industry must be a part of the solution on prevention. There was general support for the view that the public and businesses should get more help to able to identify easily products that have good security. Delegates encouraged the private sector to lead development of improved Internet security products, systems, services and standards in cyberspace, and to make the market easier to navigate for consumers.

Speakers noted that all Governments are currently looking to place more services online, and that many are considering outsourcing to cloud computing. It was agreed that governments need to lead by example, and that when governments procure and provide online services, security is one of the key criteria.

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Responsibiltiy to prevent applies across all sectors
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