Attendee list for Chicago Conference.
As people register they are can put their name on this public list so others planning to attend can contact them and arrange to meet. This list stays up after the conference so people who did not attend can connect with those who did. Thus the emphasis is on what happens between conferences.
This is the Attendee List for the Chicago Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference.

Using this visitors to the web site can see who else is attending and send them a message in order to try to connect with them. Or, they and people who did not attend our conference can use this list to connect in the months between each conference.

How many events do you attend with a great speaker or panel and over 100 people in the room. How many conference do you attend with 500 to 1500 participants and dozens of workshop choices. Unless you are supernatural you can only attend one workshop in each time slot and you usually only meet a few people out of all who attend.

Thus, the huge participation of an event is not really being connected in ways that the event helps the group work together to implement the ideas shared at the event, or achieve the goals for which the event was created.

Many groups are beginning to put registration lists on their web sites, but until there is some interactivity to these list making it easier for people to connect with each other we are still falling short of the potential the Internet offers.
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Attendee list for Chicago Conference.
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