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While much of formal education focuses on "teaching" what we all would benefit from is more youth and adults motivated to "learn" from all of the resources available to them. While you can do a web search for almost any subject many have aggregated information that can be used to support learning.
This graphic is a page in the Tutor/Mentor Institute library used to help learners navigate and find links to different categories of homework help. An animated version was created by interns.

There are probably thousands of educators who have created libraries of online homework help. No one can manage to keep a single site with all of these. However, anyone who want to add a link to a library of homework help could add a node to t his  Debategraph map pointing to their resource and describing what was included.

This could even be broken down into categories showing web resources by age group or learning level within each category.  Building and maintaining this resource could be a learning assignment for students in various schools and non-school programs.
Helping kids born in poverty start jobs / careers »Helping kids born in poverty start jobs / careers
Information sources  »Information sources
What resources are available? »What resources are available?
Homework Help - sites for youth, volunteers, parents
Homework »Homework
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