Agriculture, food and land use
A three-year series of conferences on ‘Agriculture, food and land use: the international policy challenges’ – run by Wilton Park in association with the University of Exeter.

  1. The Global Food and Agriculture conference, held at Wilton Park on 11–13 April 2011, explored the policy options in response to the likelihood of increasing volatility in food and commodity prices.

  2. The Global Land Use conference, held at Wilton Park on 26–28 September 2011, examined the state of the land across the world.

  3. The Improving Diet & Nutrition conference, held at Wilton Park on 23–25 April 2012, discussed the potential for a global shift towards sustainable healthy diets produced by sustainable agricultural practices within a globally sustainable ecosystem.

Agriculture, food and land use
Global food and agriculture »Global food and agriculture
Global land use »Global land use
Improving Diet and Nutrition »Improving Diet and Nutrition
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