What do we need to do to help each program grow?
How do we build a better understanding of what programs operate, who they serve, what age group they serve, what the do well and what challenges they face.  Only when we understand these things better can we build strategies that help programs grow.

Here are some places where these questions are being asked.

Chicago tutor/mentor needs survey

How do programs use web site to show who they are and what they do? T/MC forum

This Chicago Tutor/Mentor Program Locator enables web browsers to search the Tutor/Mentor Program Directory by type of program, age group, zip code.


Challenges T/MC faces in doing this work in Chicago.

Similar resources in other cities. Ways to learn from each other.

Opportunities for cities to duplicate what exists without starting from scratch in developing new solutions.
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What do we need to do to help each program grow?
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