Peace in the Middle East
Help The Independent and the DebateGraph community map and evaluate the contentious issues and potential paths to long-term, sustainable peace in the Middle East.

Building on The Independent’s map of the Crisis in Gaza, which generated widespread interest and support, Independent readers and the DebateGraph community have begun to focus on the options for achieving a long-term sustainable peace in the Middle East.

In this case, we want to push the mapping process one stage further.

As before the first objective will be to develop a comprehensive map of the issues and options facing the main regional actors and the international community, and the arguments for and against the different options.

As the process develops, the map will begin to encompass the key diplomatic texts, analysis and initiatives from all sides; with the aim of representing the different worldviews and interests fairly and succinctly on a common map.

The new dimension here is that as the map matures the community will begin to use it as a kind of informal, multi-layered and multi-textured poll.

Everyone who registers to participate in the map will be able to signal the merit they ascribe to the different issues, options and arguments just by clicking on the arrows in the map. The ratings can be applied just to the top level options or, if you are minded to do so, through the entire structure as you navigate around.

As the votes are cast, the visual structure of the map will change to reflect the significance of the different elements as perceived by the community of participants—with the stronger options and arguments beginning to come the fore.

...and as before you can you can also keep up to date with developments on the Middle East map via the Independent Minds blog and @TheIndyDebate on Twitter.

Peace in the Middle East
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