Machines can't have emotions
Machines can never have emotional states.
Artificial Intelligence »Artificial Intelligence
Can computers think? [1] »Can computers think? [1]
No: computers can't have emotions »No: computers can't have emotions
Machines can't have emotions
Lack physiological components »Lack physiological components
Machines can't love or be loved »Machines can't love or be loved
Machines can't think dialectically »Machines can't think dialectically
Only living organisms feel »Only living organisms feel
Emotion is a type of information processing »Emotion is a type of information processing
Emotions are cognitive evaluations »Emotions are cognitive evaluations
Emotions are cognitive schemata »Emotions are cognitive schemata
Emotions are solution to a design problem »Emotions are solution to a design problem
Emotions can be modelled »Emotions can be modelled
Emotions manifestations of concern realisation system »Emotions manifestations of concern realisation system
Feelings are information signals »Feelings are information signals
Honest robot talk about feelings equals feelings »Honest robot talk about feelings equals feelings
Motivational processes »Motivational processes
Robot pain is theoretically possible »Robot pain is theoretically possible
Turing Test provides evidence for emotions »Turing Test provides evidence for emotions
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