Key Performance Targets
These indicators are mainly drawn from the Benchmarking framework 2011-2015 endorsed by the EU Member States in November 2009.

The Digital Agenda contains commitments to undertake 101 specific policy actions (78 actions to be taken by the Commission, including 31 legal proposals, and 23 actions proposed to the Member States) intended to stimulate a virtuous circle of investment in and usage of digital technologies.

It identifies 13 key performance targets to show whether Europe is making progress in this area.

For more information see Benchmarking framework 2011-2015, and the Digital Agenda Scoreboard.

This is a conceptual framework for collection of statistics on the information society as well as a list of core indicators for benchmarking.

Digital Agenda for Europe »Digital Agenda for Europe
Key Performance Targets
1. Broadband Targets »1. Broadband Targets
2. Digital single market Targets »2. Digital single market Targets
3. Digital Inclusion Targets »3. Digital Inclusion Targets
4. Public Services »4. Public Services
5. Research & innovation »5. Research & innovation
6. Low Carbon Economy Targets »6. Low Carbon Economy Targets
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