Pillars & Actions
The Digital Agenda for Europe frames its key actions around the need to systematically tackle the seven obstacles identified. The key actions are organized around seven pillars.
Digital Agenda for Europe »Digital Agenda for Europe
Pillars & Actions
Action Alerts »Action Alerts
P1: Digital Single Market »P1: Digital Single Market
P2: Interoperability and Standards »P2: Interoperability and Standards
P3: Trust and Security »P3: Trust and Security
P4: Very Fast Internet »P4: Very Fast Internet
P5: Research and Innovation »P5: Research and Innovation
P6: Enhancing e-skills »P6: Enhancing e-skills
P7: ICT for Social Challenges »P7: ICT for Social Challenges
Px: International »Px: International
Responsible DG »Responsible DG
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