Poverty and Welfare Politics and Policy in U.S.
This is a project of the students of POLS 275 at Western Illinois University.

Faculty sponsor:  Sharon Chanley, Ph.D.

DiNitto, D.M. (2006).  Social welfare: Politics and public policy (6th Ed.)  Pearson Allyn and Bacon.  

Ehrenreich, B.  (2008). This land is their land: Reports from a divided nation.  New York: Henry Holt and Company, LLC.   

Kozol, J.  (2006). Rachel and her children: Homeless families in America.  New York: Three Rivers Press.

Poverty and Welfare Politics and Policy in U.S.
Civil Rights »Civil Rights
Defining Poverty »Defining Poverty
Education »Education
Employment »Employment
Preventing Poverty »Preventing Poverty
Social Services »Social Services
Welfare »Welfare
Causes of poverty »Causes of poverty
Hunger and Nutrition »Hunger and Nutrition
World poverty »World poverty
Healthcare »Healthcare
Reducing Poverty »Reducing Poverty
Coalitions »Coalitions
People »People
Health »Health
Wealth Inequality in America »Wealth Inequality in America
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