The disciplines involved - Research and applications
Pattern Language (or set of systemic building blocks for situation and context understanding and solution design) enables an experience based, cross disciplinary, integrated approach to systemic change that focuses on dynamics more that description of problems and solutions. One that helps identify relevant meaningful interconnections and create appropriate contextual frameworks and that helps monitor and evaluate outcomes.
  • Pattern Language and Integration of Bloomington School framework elements  (IAD Institutional Analysis and Development framewok, SES -Social Ecological Systems, Grammar of Institutions)?
  • Patterns & sequences abstracted from practice and field research –on the field and databases?
  • Pattern language to be used in field research and field work/practice as solution building and learning tool?
  • Pattern Language and Resource, environmental flows?
  • Pattern Language and Value Network Analysis?
  • Pattern Language and Economics, Bioeconomics?
  • Pattern Language and Complexity Theory?
  • Pattern Language and Systems Dynamics?
  • Pattern Language and Game Theory?
  • Pattern Language and Agent Based Modeling?
  • Pattern Language and Network Analysis?
  • Pattern Language and Artificial Intelligence -Semantics, Models and Model Free methods?
  • Pattern Language and Genetics, evolution?
  • Pattern Language and Process Philosophy?
  • Pattern Language and Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Sciences?
  • Pattern Language and Learning, Leadership Development?
  • Pattern Language and Collaboration methodologies and collective participatory processes?

  • Pattern Language and Agile, Scrum

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An Open Source Pattern Language (re)generative of Commons »An Open Source Pattern Language (re)generative of Commons
Theoretical and methodological background »Theoretical and methodological background
The disciplines involved - Research and applications
Agency & Change Agents »Agency & Change Agents
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