Exploring the issues arising from the publication in November and December 2010 by WikiLeaks and five international newspapers of a mass of confidential diplomatic cables between the US State Department and its embassies around the world. Co-curators are welcome to add to, and help refine, the map.

The US Embassy Cables, as presented in The Guardian:

"There are no fewer than 251,287 cables from more than 250 US embassies around the world, obtained by WikiLeaks. We present a day-by-day guide to the revelations from the US embassy cables both from the Guardian and its international media partners in the story."

Content of the cables »Content of the cables
Are WikiLeaks's actions beneficial or detrimental? »Are WikiLeaks's actions beneficial or detrimental?
Conflicting public interests? »Conflicting public interests?
Legal dimensions? »Legal dimensions?
Lessons? »Lessons?
PdF: WikiLeaks and Internet Freedom [date: 12/11/10] »PdF: WikiLeaks and Internet Freedom [date: 12/11/10]
Reaction to WikiLeaks »Reaction to WikiLeaks
Transparency and Secrecy in Government »Transparency and Secrecy in Government
Protagonists »Protagonists
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