Current Bills
The Bills outlined in the Queen's Speech 2010.
The Coalition: Our programme for government »The Coalition: Our programme for government
Queen's Speech 2010 »Queen's Speech 2010
Current Bills
Academies Bill »Academies Bill
Airport Economic Regulation Bill »Airport Economic Regulation Bill
Armed Forces Bill »Armed Forces Bill
Decentralism and Localism Bill »Decentralism and Localism Bill
Energy and Green Economy Bill »Energy and Green Economy Bill
Equitable Life Payments Scheme Bill »Equitable Life Payments Scheme Bill
European Communities (Amendment) Referendum Lock Bill »European Communities (Amendment) Referendum Lock Bill
Financial Services Regulation Bill »Financial Services Regulation Bill
Freedom (Great Repeal) Bill »Freedom (Great Repeal) Bill
Health Bill »Health Bill
Identity Documents Bill »Identity Documents Bill
Local Government Bill »Local Government Bill
National Insurance Contributions Bill »National Insurance Contributions Bill
Office of Budget Responsibility Bill »Office of Budget Responsibility Bill
Parliamentary Reform Bills »Parliamentary Reform Bills
Pensions and Savings Bill »Pensions and Savings Bill
Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill »Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill
Postal Services Bill »Postal Services Bill
Public Bodies (Reform) Bill »Public Bodies (Reform) Bill
Scotland Bill »Scotland Bill
Terrorist Asset Freezing Bill »Terrorist Asset Freezing Bill
Welfare Reform Bill »Welfare Reform Bill
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