"Design" is a way of evolving we need to develop; a way of being and acting that suits our condition
== Design ==

It's defined as "alternative to tradition", with an explanation. The essential point here is that both ''design'' and ''tradition'' are ''designed'' concepts...

Postulation (or "scope design" in polyscopy terminology) is the key, which establishes a 'fulcrum' or Archimedean point for liberating speech.

This definition of design is really the key point in the polyscopy proposal; it has therefore been important to test and embed this idea in suitable communities. Here's a brief history.

In design community:

* started as [ my contribution to the online conference on the PhD Design forum], whose theme was how to establish design in an academic way.
* published as "[ Design Is the Alternative to Tradition]" article at European Academy of Design's 6th triennial conference in Bremen in 2005
* invited as opening keynote at 10th Anniversary of Danish Designers conference / celebration as [ Designing Design] (they chose the title)

In information design community:

* presented at INFODESIGN 2000 in Coventry
* invited for publication in Information Design Journal, resulting in two articles
* [ Designing Information Design]
* [ Information for Conscious Choice]

In "information and its relationship with meaning" / epistemology / philosophy of information interest space

* [ Design Epistemology] has been invited for publication in a special issue of Information online journal edited by [ Robert Logan].

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