Gun Politics in the US
In the wake of the latest mass shooting in the US, there are renewed calls for the US Federal Government to facilitate stronger gun controls in the US.

The subject is a highly emotional one for those who are or know victims of such tragedies. This map aims to cover the historical and contemporary factors that do/don't support tighter gun controls and how other countries have dealt with similar issues and their applicability or otherwise to the US.

Gun Politics in the US
Cultural context »Cultural context
Policy levers »Policy levers
Policy options »Policy options
US Gun Legislation »US Gun Legislation
President Obama's Plan to Reduce Gun Violence »President Obama's Plan to Reduce Gun Violence
Senate Judiciary Committee Inquiry »Senate Judiciary Committee Inquiry
Gun politics in other countries »Gun politics in other countries
Protagonists »Protagonists
Article Library »Article Library
Approach »Approach
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